Why are HEPA Filters Important?


High-efficiency particulate air purifiers or HEPA are called so due to the mechanical HEPA filters found within them. These filters are tested and certified to trap micro-particles smaller than 0.3 in size, at 99.7 percent and above efficiency. The HEPA air purifier pushes air through the filters to stop any odors, chemicals, and particles from passing through. Most air purifiers contain HEPA filters which come with many advantages. In this write-up, we discuss the benefits of HEPA filters.

What are the Benefits of HEPA filters?

The HEPA filters stand out from any other filters in the market. Their filter media is different as they are made using thin glass and activated carbon, making them a significant necessity for most people. The following are the benefits of HEPA filters.

1. Absence of By-Products

In general, all air purifiers have filters that trap contaminants. Any company or brand selling an air filter labels it as the best in the market; unfortunately, it is not true for all. Some work, but others emit harmful emissions during the filtration process, such as the ozone air purifiers, which release ozone gases toxic to human health. The best thing about HEPA filters is they operate efficiently without producing any unwanted emissions. They are 100 percent safe both for humans and the environment.

2. Easily Accessible

The beneficial factors associated with HEPA filters have influenced manufacturers to produce more of them to meet people’s demands. They are found in appliances like humidifiers, air purifiers, vacuum cleaners, and other home gadgets. These devices are used every other day, meaning users can access the filters when needed to serve the intended purpose.

3. Natural Allergy Treatment

Allergies are a source of discomfort for both children and adults. Allergy triggers found in the air cause respiratory complications such as asthma, nasal congestion, or a runny nose which can be dangerous if not kept under control by removing them from the air. In worst cases, individuals are forced to seek help from a doctor who administers inhaler drugs. Such pollutants like dust, dirt, dander, animal hair, and pollens degrade indoor air quality; hence, HEPA filters are needed to improve the situation. The filters prevent allergic attacks by filtering particles and absorbing odors, considering the air is purified constantly.

4. Suitable for Newborn Babies

HEPA air purifiers trap almost 100 percent of particles within the air that make it poor quality. Newborn children are so delicate that extra care needs to be given to them. Keeping them in a polluted environment increases the risk of contracting infections. Any infection to their lungs can result in death; hence every parent should prevent any respiratory issues. The HEPA filters are a perfect addition in spaces with babies to eliminate all contaminants and prevent allergies.

Bottom Line

Air purifiers improve the quality of the air indoor. With the help of the HEPA filters, you can maximize their benefits to create a safe environment for yourself and your family. Some devices come with the filters inbuilt, while you can have others installed. Choose a reliable professional for a smooth and quick HEPA filter installation.


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