2 Common Ways for Buying FIFA Coins


The FIFA Ultimate Team coins are a must-have to take part in the game or tournament. They are a type of currency that can be earned in ways such as squad battles, consumables, or participating in championships. In addition, you can buy coins from various trading platforms in the transfer market. On these platforms, the coins are transferred to your account by the seller after buying. Check out BUYFIFACOINS.COM to learn more on how to buy FIFA coins. We highlight common ways for buying FIFA coins below.

Common Ways for Buying FIFA Coins

Most individuals prefer buying coins from trading or virtual platforms since it’s an easy and quick way to increase your coin supply. Having coins makes your gaming experience great hence it’s recommended for every player. There are different methods of buying coins, but the main ones are;

1. Auctioning of players

It’s a very common method used by most FIFA gamers. The process involves selling or trading away players who bring little to no value to the team, lowering its performance. Typically, most teams have players with different skill levels in the real world, making some better than others. Through auctions, you sell the weak players at a high price and get coins in return. After the buying process is complete, the seller transfer money into your account, which you can use to get better players for your team. No formal information is needed during the auctioning process; hence it’s convenient and straightforward.

2. Comfort trading

It is the easiest way of buying FIFA coins; however, only a few people are familiar with it. Despite being straightforward, it has more rules than the player auctioning process. Before buying from the seller, you must provide formal details like passwords, email addresses, backup codes, and security information. The details are necessary to enable the seller to log into your account only once to deposit money. Once completed, the seller must log out of the account for safety purposes. The process is automated and takes a shorter time. Also, unlike the auctioning method, the money gets to your account as is since no deductions are made prior to the transfer.

Its good to note that the EA sport closely monitors individuals using this process to buy coins and can be banned for various reasons. They include failing to deactivate your account once the transfer is complete, delaying coin collection, login into your account before receiving a notification of the status of your FIFA coins, and using a new account with less than 50 played games.


Buying FIFA coins is excellent and helps increase your coins. Player auctioning and comfort trading is the leading buying methods, and both have significant benefits. They are easy, convenient, and readily available on trading platforms. Ensure you have an account before buying any coins for easy transfer of money. Take care when using them and follow the set guidelines to avoid getting banned and enjoy the experience.


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