What Are The EVPAD 5P Specifications?


The EVPAD TV box brand ensures that all its customers enjoy a cinema experience. The EVPAD TV brand comes with many TV boxes such as the EVPAD 5S, EVPAD 5 max, EVPAD 5 P, and many more. One of the benefits of owning an evpad 5p TV box is that it ensures you enjoy high-quality pictures. This article aims at updating you on the EVPAD 5P specifications.

EVPAD 5P specifications


The EVPAD 5P TV box has a Quad-core A53 64Bit CPU. The CPU work is to supply the EVPAD 5P TV box with the processing power and instructions to work efficiently. The A53 64Bit CPU ensures that the EVPAD 5P TV Box completes its tasks faster. It is a powerful processor that enables the EVPAD 5P TV box to work and think quickly.


The EVPAD 5P TV box has a GPU of Mali-T720 MP2. The GPU in full is the Graphics Processing Unit. Its work in the EVPAD 5P TV box ensures that the TV box can process several pieces of data concurrently. It is essential for gaming applications, video rendering, machine learning, and graphics rendering.

· Operating System (OS)

The EVPAD 5P TV box uses Android 7.0 or a version that is a little bit higher; for its operating system. An operating system is a system software. It helps to manage EVPAD 5P TV box software resource, hardware, and supplies the TV box with common services for its programs.

· Memory

The EVPAD 5P TV box has a memory of 4G DDR3. The DDR3 allows for the EVPAD 5P TV box to transfer information and data to and from the CPU quicker than previous versions. The 4G memory enables EVPAD 5p to multitask, and it is good for gaming.

· Flash

The EVPAD 5P TV box has a flash of 32G EMMC 5.0. EMMC stands for Embedded Multi-media card.


The EVPAD 5P TV box has a WIFI IEEE of 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac 2.4Ghz +5.8Ghz. The IEEE of 802.11 acts as a foundation for a wireless network. It allows for The EVPAD 5p TV box to connect to the internet without the use of cables.

· Bluetooth

The EVPAD 5P TV box has a BT of V4.2/4.1/V4.0+BLE/V3.0/V2.1+EDR. It enables connected devices to last a bit longer without draining their battery. It also allows for high-speed downloads.


It has a LAN of 100M standard RJ45. The LAN allows for the EVPAD 5p TV box to have a high transfer speed.

· Video Output

It has a video output of Full HD1080P@60 fps and Support 4Kx2K. The video output assists in the transfer of televised images.

· Photo

It allows for JPG, GIF, JPEG, JFIF, BMP, and PNG.

· Language

The languages present in an EVPAD 5P TV box are; Italian, Spanish, German, French, English, and several other multi-lateral languages.

· Remote Control

It has remote control of 2.4 G. It also supports infrared.

· Power supply

The power supply in the EVPAD 5P TV box is output DC 5V/2A and Input 100-240V.

· Front Panel

It has an LED display and colorful lamp

· I/O

The I/O is IR Extension, USB2.0 (1), AV-OUT, USB3.0 (1), TF-Card DC IN, SPDIF, LAN (100M), and HDMI.

· The machine size

EVPAD 5p TV box size is 96*96*19mm.

· Machine weight

EVPAD 5p TV box weight is EVPAD 5p TV box


When you are purchasing the EVPAD 5 P TV box, the above specifications will assist you in knowing you have the right one. Lastly, when purchasing your EVPAD, the above details are what you should consider.


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