Ways To Style Your Lace Closure Wigs


So, you have your bundles with closure lace wigs. Initially, you have different styles in mind, but you might be facing trouble. It might be getting challenging to style your wigs effectively. Don’t you worry! This guide will help you with some of the best wigs styling tips you can find anywhere.

Heat Styling Your Wig

If you have a wig with synthetic hair, then heat styling is a big no. You will end up causing too much damage, melting, and much more. However, if you have a human hair wig, you can go ahead and use the heat styling method. All you need to do is:

  • Use professional heat styling tools that have dials to control the heat.
  • Always style human hair wig dry. Wet hair heat styling is not a good idea.
  • Buy a heat protectant for your human hair wig, as you would do for your natural hair.

Styling Your Wig Without Heat

This should be your go-to option for synthetic or human hair wigs. There aren’t many wigs styling tips when it comes to heatless options. You can use conventional gear like Flexi rods and perm rods. However, there is one thing that you need to keep in mind:

  • Try always to use water sprinkles to keep the hair hydrated, and use a leave-in conditioner before styling the wigs.
  • If you water the hair lightly and style them with braids, then let them dry, you will get great wavy hair after undoing the braids.
  • A leave-in conditioner reduces the damage the wig or hair can sustain.

Getting The Perfect Hairline

Just styling or wearing your wig isn’t everything. Among the important wigs styling tips, this should be a priority. Do you seek to perfect that hairline game and make the wig look natural. Use these tips:

  • Always wear the wig at least half an inch above your hairline or the desired area from where you want to show the hairline. This is perfect for hairline settlement.
  • Use high-grade products like roots cover-ups for your hair if you want the hairline to look flawless. The major giveaway is the too-clean partition, among other things. The root covering will keep things easier.

Straight Hair Wigs Vs. Curly Hair Wigs For Styling

Always try to buy straight hair wigs over curly or wavy hair wigs, unless you don’t want to style them too much. Straight hair wigs are easier to style by using the right equipment. You can even curl them massively if they have human hair. However, curly hair wigs are harder to maintain, and you might have to use the comb of all things to sustain them.

Correlatively. If you want a curly hairstyle or wavy, buy those kinds of wigs. If you seek straight hair, then buy that wig. Try not to style the hair against its natural shape too much, or you may end up causing more harm than good. In simple words, try to straighten the curly wig and vice versa.


Now you can go ahead and style your wigs perfectly with these wigs styling tips. Hopefully, you learned something new and valuable!


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