Quality garden hose reels in the market


Different Diameters For Different Needs

The garden hose reels produced by Giraffe are available in ½ inches and 5/8 inches in diameters. Each has its own functional area. For instance, the half an inch diameter reel is ideal for covering long areas such as a large yard or garden.

Similarly, the 5/8 inch reel is suited for watering in small areas such as a backyard. Giraffe retractable garden hose reel is kink-free and retains its thickness even if the water isn’t running through it. The weaving technique used in this hose is completely different from other rival products.

Lovely Features

Some lovely features of this best garden hose reel are:

Garden Hose Reel With A Wall Mounting Bracket

To ensure the precious ground space isn’t occupied by the reel, the homeowners can install a wall-mounted bracket on the wall to collect and store the reel. Moreover, it helps retain the appearance of the garden that might be ruined by a hose reel lying around. The wall mount bracket also helps keep the reel secure from the insects and bugs that might pierce through or damage the reel if kept in the garden for a long time.


Expect no harm from sunlight and rain on the reel. This garden hose reel can retain its shine, meaning it won’t fade so easily even if kept outdoors for several months or perhaps several years. The performance won’t be hindered even after being exposed to extreme outdoor conditions. However, it’s advisable to take general steps in keeping the reel safe from harmful elements, though.

Retractable Garden Hose Reel

Whether there’s a 130 feet hybrid hose or 90 feet hybrid hose, this reel is compatible with both. Amazingly, the reel can be locked to any length. So if there’s a need to keep the length short, it’s achievable by the retracting feature. It allows users to modify the length without affecting the performance. It won’t damage the reel either. There’s no chance of kink.


There’s an abrasion-resistant shield in this hose reel, along with copper joints made of industrial-grade aluminum coating. To further prove the strength, this reel hose has successfully passed the 200PSI pressure test. It has also cleared the 600PSI bursting pressure test that again proves its outstanding quality. The expected longevity of this product is estimated to be several years.

Garden Hose Reel With Multiple Nozzle Options

To get varying water streams from the hose reel, choose and attach from nine different nozzle options that come with this product. All are extremely easy to install and use. Switching from one nozzle to another would hardly consume five minutes.

Energy And Time Saver

In the case of huge gardens, a gardener can save their time and efforts in winding and unwinding the long reel. The automatic winding system, as stated previously, is meant to reduce manual efforts. Additionally, winding the reel manually isn’t efficient as it poses chances of improper winding. The convenience of using this product is high. There’s a user manual available with this best garden hose reel that’s meant to guide the users at any point in time when using it. Moreover, there’s a customer care team where the buyers can reach out to troubleshoot any queries.


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