Buying Guide for a Garden Hose Reel


One of the important things you need is a garden hose reel. This is meant to store your garden hose properly and increase its lifespan. With the right hose reel, you can perform your watering and gardening tasks easily. Other than ensuring a quick connect system, it ensures the hose does not get tangled and prevents water blockage. The following are the important points to consider.

Hose Reel Capacity

It is advisable to consider the width and length of the hose reel. That is because it will impact your capability to do different gardening tasks. A giant hose is one more than 150 feet in length. Remember that hoses vary in widths. Make sure you choose the right reel capacity that suits your needs.


You should note that hose reels are made of a range of materials, such as resin, plastic, and metal. The material and built quality have an impact on the durability and longevity of your garden hose reel. Metal hose reels are made of aluminum, cast iron, and stainless steel. They are ideal for heavy-duty works and help sustain any weather. Hose reels made of lightweight materials, such as plastic and fiberglass, are ideal for portability. If you need hose reels that can last longer, consider those made with resin.


Nowadays, you can find different types of garden hose reels on the market. These include stand-alone, wall-mounted storage pots and carts. The right type to choose is dependent on available storage space and the size of your garden.

Stand-alone Hose Reel

This is designed for commercial use and large gardens. It is mounted on wheels, and you can easily move it from one place to another. Make sure you use the right type of garden hose to avoid tangling. The good thing about freestanding hose reels is that they are easy to store away and do not take up a lot of space.

Piston Driven

This type of hose reel features a spring-load mechanism that automatically pulls your hose in a circular motion. They are ideal when the garden hose is long, and you do not like the manual ones.

Manual Hose Reels

It has a crank bar that rolls the hose manually. It is a perfect reel for shorter hoses and small gardens. These reels are the cheapest you can find.

Wall-Mounted Reels

The wall-mounted reel is the best for tight spaces. You will find it easy to install because it is mounted on the wall, and it does not take up a lot of floor space. In fact, it takes less space than its freestanding alternative. It is advisable to mount it in a place where you can easily access it.

The right garden hose reel helps you improve the appearance of your garden. It is unsightly to leave the hose lying in the garden when you can tuck and store it in a hose reel. If you have flowers that require a lot of watering, then you should consider a reel on the wheels. When purchasing a retractable hose reel, avoid the electric ones as they are dangerous to use near water.


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