Productive Outcomes of Water Hose Reels


Are you considering buying new garden tools? Then to get plenty of information you can open in a new browser window to find valuable and thorough information regarding various garden accessories. As you know that there are many kinds of garden accessories used for different purposes, air hose reel is one of them.

Air Hoses Reels vs Traditional Hoses

If we compare traditional methods of watering gardens with the latest methods, then we become aware that how troublesome was this watering job for the people in the past. However, with the new inventions on the market, people’s life has become easier. As with the convenient use of air hoses and water hoses reels you can enjoy your time in the garden by watering grass and plants. However, if you are still using manual air hoses for garden watering, you may find that they get damaged and kinked easily. They also get cracks and holes in them due to the lack of proper protection.

However, due to the quality material and durability of hose reels, you won’t experience any damage to them. Moreover, due to the air hose’s flexibility, a user’s watering job becomes very easy as well as he can organize the hose evenly after using it. So, it is advisable that you should replace your old hoses with air hose reels because messy hoses can sometimes be irritating laying in your garden covering much space around. On the other hand, if you use air hose reels, you can easily manage your hose rearranged in the reel neatly once you are done with your job.

Apart from that, most hoses can cause troubles and it becomes difficult to carry them around due to their heavyweight. On the other hand, an air hose with an air hose reel is designed in such a lightweight that it totally makes your watering job hassle-free. So, there is a guarantee that you will be satisfied with this product. With that being said, due to the durability and quality material of the air hose reel, even the frequent use of the product does not affect its efficiency and practicality.

Series of Air Hose Reels

There are two types of series of air hose reels in the market:

TA Series

TA series allows a user to enjoy various options including hose lengths and different parts of air hoes. Besides, all TA series hose reels feature a special auto-rewind system as well as a hose guide. With just an easy pull, a hose will be retracted very briskly and safely. In addition to that, you will not experience any tangle or twist around the air hose reel.

AWA Series

In this series, the air hose reel is safely protected by a polypropylene case that increases its efficiency making it more long-lasting for many years to come. Moreover, this protected system makes it durable avoiding any cracks and damage. It is lighter and more durable due to its steel material than the traditional hose. Also, you will not experience any inconveniences of carrying it along with you as it is a wall-mounted product.


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