How To Decorate a Glass Tumbler With Lid


Glass tumblers are a great way to serve drinks, but they can look a little plain. If you want to decorate your glass tumbler with lid, follow these simple steps:

What you will need

  • Glass tumbler with lid
  • Acrylic paint in a color of your choice
  • Paint brush or foam brush for applying the paint
  • Paint markers like Sharpies and other permanent markers, if you want to decorate the glass with designs or words. They will likely fade in time, but they are easy to use and make the glass look more interesting.
  • Glue gun (if you want to attach glitter)

Step 1

  • A glass tumbler with lid
  • Mod Podge (or another sealant)
  • Paper towel or rag to clean the glass surface
  • Paintbrush to apply the Mod Podge (or another sealant) with
  • What you will do:

Apply Mod Podge to your glass tumbler and lid, and let it dry completely. Once dry, paint over your entire piece of glassware and lid with permanent markers in a design or pattern that you like. Let the ink dry completely before handling again!

Step 2

  • Place the tumbler in the freezer for a couple of hours. This will allow you to put inside some ice cubes that will make your drink look great when you pour it into the glass and add food coloring later on.
  • Fill the glass with water and add food coloring to make it look more colorful or whatever color you like best! Also, if you want your drink to be hot as well as cold, just add boiling water instead of freezing it overnight (this step is optional).
  • Let it freeze overnight or until all ice melts inside glass and food coloring has dispersed through water completely (will take at least 12 hours).

Step 3

Paint the lid with a paintbrush. Let it dry for at least an hour.

Wipe off any excess paint with a paper towel, then put on the lid and take a sip of your favorite beverage! You can even add some colorful straws and drink charms to transform this into a fun party cup or glass tumbler for kids!

Step 4

  • Apply a coat of Mod Podge to the inside of the lid, and place the glass tumbler upside down on top of it, securing it in place with more Mod Podge.
  • Apply another layer of Mod Podge to the outside of the lid and press down firmly, smoothing out any bubbles or creases that appear along edges as you go. This will seal everything together and give you a smooth finish when all is done!

Decorate a Glass Tumbler With Lid.

For this project, you’ll need the following supplies:

  • A glass tumbler with lid. You can buy one at a craft store or thrift shop for between $5 and $10; just make sure it has a lid!
  • Glue gun and glue sticks (you can also use hot glue if you have that instead)
  • Paint (we used acrylic) and paint brushes (we used foam brushes because we’re cheap, but real ones work better)
  • Scissors or another way to cut paper


Have fun decorating your glass tumbler with a lid.


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