Five Features That Make Great Hot Tubs


A hot tub is a large tub filled with heated water used for hydrotherapy, relaxation, and pleasure. Today, the market features a wide range of hot tub brands and designs. features some of the best hot tubs in the Chinese market. In this excerpt, we look at hot tub features.

Features of hot tubs

Below are some elements of hot tubs;

1. Massaging jets

The role of massaging jets is to provide a soothing and relaxing feeling when you immerse your body into the tub. The massaging jets work by keeping the water moving. Most hot tub brands have the massaging jets angled and moved. This is aimed at targeting sore muscles on the body. Some brands also design their massaging jets in such a way that the water flow can be customized. Another benefit of these components is that it enhances comfort.

2. Molded seats

Most hot tubs usually have seats. However, the best brands usually have the seats molded. This component makes the hot tubs more comfortable. They do this by offering sufficient back support. Since hot tubs are usually filled with water, you can easily slip as you seat use them. However, you do not have to keep adjusting your sitting angle with moulded seats after every few minutes. It is worth mentioning that a single hot tub can have more than one seat. This depends on the size and the number of occupants for which the hot tub is designed.

3. Heating and cooling elements

Hot tubs, as the name suggests, are usually filled with heated water. However, the water is not heated before being filled in the tub. The tubs have heating mechanisms for this task. The heating mechanisms differ from one brand and type of hot tub to the next. The most common forms of heating for hot tubs are electricity and gas.

Additionally, the best hot tub brands also have cooling elements. This means that you do not have to miss out on relaxing times in the tub during hot days. Hot tubs with bot cooling and heating elements are ideal for year-round applications.

4. Lights

This element is not found in all types or brands of hot tubs. However, clients always find it an advantage to get a hot tub with lights. Most hot tub brands usually use LED lights. This is because LEDs are cheaper, more energy-efficient, and safer. Lights make a hot tub more aesthetically pleasing and colorful. They also allow you to enjoy your outdoor hot tub even when it is dark. Most of the time, the LED lights are installed on the hot tub’s surface so that when the tub is filled with water, the lights appear underneath.

5. Covers

Covers are essential components for all hot tubs. They help maintain the hygiene of the hot tub and maintain the temperature of the water for longer. The covers help prevent leaves, bugs, dirt, and other elements from getting in the hot tub. They also protect the devices from external weather conditions. Covers are especially important if the tub is not installed under a shade or indoors.


There are several other additional features that you can look out for when purchasing hot tubs. For instance, some brands feature drink holders, pop-up speakers, and waterfall features in their design. These features differ from one brand to the next.


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